KISS in Real Estate for 2014

KISS in Richmond Real Estate for 2014

I love the idea of “keep it simple stupid”. Want to lose weight? Eat less. Want to be happier? Do more of what makes you happy.

So with that in mind, where is Richmond real estate going in 2014? Let’s look at where we are now and you tell me where this is going…

  • Home values are up in 2013
  • Home sales are up in 2013
  • Foreclosures are down in 2013
  • Loan modification programs are finally working in 2013 helping people in underwater homes
  • The Stock Market is on a tear and just closed at an all time high yesterday
  • Employment reports continue to show slow but steady improvement
  • Rates remain in the 4’s which is near historic lows

If 2014 has you or your family thinking about:

  • Moving into a bigger home
  • Moving into a different home
  • Buying investment property

Lets K.I.S.S. Now is a good time to get everything lined up for next year. The only thing constant is change and these conditions won’t stay this way forever.

A mortgage consult takes about 15-20 minute on the phone and is a free and easy service I provide. Within 24-48 hours I can have numbers and info to you by email.

Take the time NOW to explore your options for real estate in 2014.


Greg Cowart – Mortgage Consultant

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