Mortgage Mondays – The Most Painful Business Ever

The Most Painful Business Ever

A few weeks ago, Jamie Diamond, the CEO of Chase called the mortgage business “the most painful business ever”. Reading this quote was so refreshing.

I’ve been doing this interesting job of guiding my client through the Richmond mortgage and Richmond home buying process for over 12 years now. Never have I seen it as difficult as it is in 2014. By difficult I mean the amount of paperwork needed, the scrutiny in which the financial docs are reviewed, the uncertainty in underwriting with the ever changing guidelines, and the constant product changes and unexpected rules overlays. Throw in a shortage of inventory and always nervous clients and it is a recipe for trouble.

When a client chooses to work with me and my team, they don’t know that over 20 hands behind me will work/review the file performing hundreds of checks and double checks. Being the spokesperson for and the face of these operations people is challenging. So many things can come up. More than ever, experience and having the right company behind you is key for originators.

Why Movement Mortgage?

Our 1-2 week closing process and lightning quick underwriting and processing are a definite advantage for us and I feel I am as equipped with the armor of a good company as I could be to get through this tough time.

More and more companies have the same products and rates. Getting mortgages in Richmond Virginia is becoming more about the overall experience; service, accuracy and reliability; above all.

There is a bible verse that “iron sharpens iron” which helps me as I move through each day. It has never been tougher to originate loans. There is opportunity however. There has never been a better time to stand out and offer amazing advice, service and an overall Richmond mortgage experience for my clients. I am also grateful to have Tiffany and Jesse to work with. You are only as good as your team and we go above and beyond for our clients and agents every day.

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